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Water Dispenser Sanitization

Kiest offers sanitization services on water dispensers. It is very vital as when impurities stays in the dispenser for a while, biofilms build up and lines at the dispenser water tank and the piping. This contaminates the water and could have negative effects on your health. We use a sterilizer which produces ozone. When it comes into contact with microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi or other odor making particles, it oxidizes them and by doing so, it sterilizes, disinfects and removes odour in the environment it is exposed to.

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Why you should sanitize your Water dispenser

Most manufacturers recommend that you sanitize your water dispenser anywhere from every three to six months. However, you’ll want to check your care instructions to make sure you don’t need to be undertaking this task more or less often.

In addition, sanitizing a water cooler can be tricky and doing it improperly could result in your water tasting funny or being harmful to your health if sanitizer is left in too long. Many people may sanitize their own water dispenser using bleach. Keep in mind that if you cleaned with vinegar, is not a wise move. Bleach and vinegar are two cleaners that should never be mixed, as they create toxic chlorine gas when combined.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to follow the sanitization instructions in your manufacturer’s guide to the letter or reach out to us and help you sanitize your water dispenser to make it safer to use for the whole family.

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