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Even Napoleon preferred to lose a battle than to fail in love. Is it so scary for a man to have a fiasco in bed? And what are the signs of erectile dysfunction? Information from the website about a healthy man

To begin with, a few words about the problem. More precisely, about current trends. I would describe it like this: yes, she is getting younger – there are plenty of stresses in our life, and a cocktail of workaholism, unaccounted cups of coffee and cigarettes and a sedentary lifestyle will put anyone down. Yes, it is growing numerically – after all, many who used to be embarrassed to go to the doctor with “this” are now turning. But in recent years, the possibilities of medicine have significantly expanded, and nowadays, even in the most severe cases, male strength can be returned.

The diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” is usually made when a man is unable to maintain an erection in more than 25% of the sexual acts he tried to perform.

According to American researchers, erectile dysfunction affects more than 150 million men over the age of 40 worldwide.

Talking about erectile dysfunction, it is impossible not to mention how it works. The male organ consists of several cavernous bodies. When arousal sets in, blood actively enters the cavernous bodies, filling their numerous cisterns. The organ increases in size and hardens. At the same time, mechanically, due to the increase in volume, the channels for the outflow of venous blood from the cavernous bodies are closed, this is also facilitated by reflex muscle spasm at the base of the organ. The enlargement and hardening persist until a signal is received from the nervous system to release blood. It is not difficult to guess that the brain sends such signals only after the fact that the job is done – after ejaculation.

There may be several reasons for a system failure. Either the regulation of the process is disrupted (both at the level of the nervous system and at the level of sex hormones), or the stages of blood filling and blood retention in the cavernous bodies. Fortunately for men, in recent years it has been proven that a significant part of cases of erectile dysfunction is not related to organic factors, but to the emotions of a man. These causes are called psychogenic and are much easier to treat. This is especially true for young men. The sensitivity of the problem has led to the fact that information about erectile dysfunction is surrounded by myths.

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